"Get over it and work"

Last week I went to the PhotoPlus Expo in New York City for the first time. On Wednesday I attended 4 classes hosted by WPPIU and I must say, I left feeling inspired and hopeful. I have never been very personal on my blog, but this seems like an appropriate time to start. 

This past year has been a whirlwind. I finally left my 9-5 job in February to pursue photography full time. I have been challenged, unsure and exhausted. But I have also felt excited, creative and motivated. As I reflect on this I realize I wouldn't have it any other way. Leaving the comfort of a steady job at 25 years old is daring and I've been told by numerous people not everyone would take that step. Although my confidence has wavered through this first year I have had the steady love and support from my boyfriend, Reid and my awesome parents. I also want to acknowledge my Mum and thank her for being an incredible assistant and help to this business. Her influence and guidance has kept me sane and grounded.

This learning process is slow, but well worth it. Every thing I feared and everything I didn't know about running a business was starring me in the face and needed tackled. So as this first year is getting ready to come to a close I want to thank WPPIU's speakers Susan Stripling and Dane Sanders for giving me that extra push to kick the rest of 2013's butt.

I'll share some things I took from Susan Striplings lecture, Creative Composition in Wedding Photography:
 -Don't be weird in a photo just to be weird - tell a story!
 -Have more background awareness.
 -Tell multiple stories in one photo.

Even though you may already know these things, sometimes you need to hear it again to get it right. 

Here are some awesome quotes from Dane Sanders lecture, V is for Vulnerable - The Compass Required for All Brave Creatives to Thrive in the New Photography Economy:
 -This isn't hell, it's just hard work.
 -What choices would I make if I wasn't afraid? Not bold or brave if there wasn't any fear.
 -Are you guys going to the party?
 -Get over it and work.

That last one is my favorite and whether you are a photographer, teacher or business man, sometimes you just have to get over it and work!  

Now, back to my wediting. (AKA wedding editing.)



I took this photo during our lunch break on lecture day. The Javits Center was full of photo opportunities but I loved this view through one of the windows looking out into the city.

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