A little bit of luck

At the PhotoPlus Expo I got to see and touch the gorgeous ONA camera bags I have been pining over. While they weren't for sale at the expo, they did have a drawing to win one. Of course I signed up... but being the person that never wins anything - not even the prize for having tape on the bottom of your food tray in middle school, I set off to B&H to see if they had any in stock.

I sat on the floor of B&H while opening and closing every bag in each color trying to decide which one I wanted, I took the Brooklyn (in chestnut) to the counter where the lovely people of B&H brought gear over so I could see what fit. After an hour of drooling over it I decided to wait. I don't know why, but I did.


Ona Brooklyn-1 copy.png

An hour later while sitting with my mother at a diner close by, I get the message from ONA telling me that I was the winner of the drawing! After texting my boyfriend, Reid and telling him he should take me to Vegas, I put in my order and a few days later there was a box on my doorstep. Thank you to everyone at ONA for this awesome bag, I am so excited to use it!

Rachel TokarskiComment