Third Trimester Must Haves

I am writing this one 7 months postpartum (life with a newborn has a way of making you wildly busy!) My third trimester brought on sciatic issues but overall wasn't bad. These are a few things that helped me get through it!

My Varidesk was sooooo helpful. Being able to stand while I edit/email was crucial. 

Packing my hospital bag was something that gave me a feeling of comfort. You really don't have any control over when you will go into labor so making sure my bag was packed by 32 weeks honestly just took away some of that anxiety of the unknown. (I will do a post next showing specifically what I packed in mine!)

Two words, BATH-BOMBS. Lush to be exact. Back to the backache stuff, it was so nice to soak in the tub to relieve some of the aches and pains.

Did I mention my back ached? Hah. A prenatal massage is something every pregnant woman should get to experience. 

I love Dreft laundry detergent. The smell of it on newborn clothes makes me want to cuddle fresh baby. Doing some laundry prior to baby's arrival is another thing I could do to reduce my anxiety over waiting for her to come!

Last but not least, my beloved Netflix. I was pretty tired chasing a toddler around during my third trimester so I am not ashamed to say Clark has some new shows in his queue. A few favorites are Beat Bugs, Dino Trux and PJ Masks. If you want to watch a weird show for toddlers, check out Gon. Thankfully he has forgot about that one so I haven't had to sit through it in a while. Some of my recently favorite binges have included Glow, The Crown, Grace & Frankie and Riverdale.

Third trimester is all about relaxing as much as you can and doing final preparations for the sweet little nuggets arrival!

Third Tri Must Haves.JPG