Ski Tree Farm

Sunday was snowy and freezing but the family ventured out to the Ski Tree Farm to cut down Christmas trees. This place is owned by my Grandpap's cousin, Roland. He reminds me so much of my Pap.

This is a fun new family tradition we've got going on. Although Reid was sick, Brooks refused to wear his gloves, Mallory got snowed in the night before so she didn't have any pants other than leggings and April was a crazy lady running around in the snow, the trip was a major success and we got some awesome trees.

Photos of the finished products still to come.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Ski Tree Farm-1.png
Ski Tree Farm-2.png
Ski Tree Farm-3.png
Ski Tree Farm-4.png
Ski Tree Farm-5.png
Ski Tree Farm-6.png
Ski Tree Farm-7.png
Ski Tree Farm-8.png
Ski Tree Farm-9.png