Postpartum Must Haves

Better late than never, hah. I am a year postpartum but these must haves will be on my list for our next baby. (Fingers crossed!) I learned so much from having Clark that these things helped me after Ada’s birth. If you’re going to breast feed, a lot of these things pertain to that.

Snacks. I was SO hungry while nursing. Especially in the middle of the night. Have lots of healthier snacks on hand.

A good big coffee/tea mug is crucial.

A water bottle is also crucial, especially for nursing. Drink ALL the water.

A good nursing nightgown. I had night sweats after both kids while my hormones leveled out, so having light clothing but easily accessible for nursing was awesome. I am a nightgown kinda person anyway, so I had a few already.

Nursing bras. I LOVE all of the Bravado bra’s I own.

Lanolin, all the lanolin.

I’ve tried a lot of different nursing pads, but the Bamboobies ones were my favorite.

I think I just put our Boppy away and I nursed Ada over a year. It’s helpful to have good posture while nursing! This aided in that and I learned it the hard way.

Postpartum high waist support leggings. These Blanqui ones helped me feel like my belly stayed tight post baby. Plus it was nice to wear high waisted things while nursing. I could lift my shirt up and didn’t feel like I was super exposed.

A sitz bath. Girls, DO THEM if you have a vaginal birth! I swear this really aided in my healing time. This was also my few minutes a day of alone time post baby.

Take the perinal bottle they give you at the hospital! It’s a life saver in the beginning.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed once you’re home with baby. The other postpartum must have I didn’t list is a support system. Your partner, family members, girlfriends… don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Postpartum Must Haves.jpg