Mini Session Advice


I love choosing a private/unique location. We don't have to worry about park goers, dog walkers or other people. My grandfather has property so we get cozy and settle in for a day of mini's!

(Pet's are always welcome!)

First off, parents, always keep looking at me. Sometimes when you look down to get the kids to smile, you're now the one not looking at the camera and that's usually when they decide to smile. 

Now, I make the mini sessions 30 minutes long so we are off to a good start on keeping them happy! If 30 minutes feels like an eternity ( I know sometimes it does ) then let me try first to entertain them with my natural goofiness. 

Props help, I'll have some on hand in case we need them. 

Bring snacks. We all can get hangry from time to time.

When all else fails, we can take a quick break and jump back into photos after they've played or gone for a little walk to explore. Sometimes those make for the best photos anyway!

Layers! If you wear layers you'll be able to switch things up throughout the session. Accessorizing also helps add texture to the photos. 

Choose two colors and work at least one of those colors into everyone's outfit.