Kirkpatrick Wedding | Erie, PA

I met Lindsey almost 10 years ago. When she got engaged to Dale I was elated that she had found "the one." Their story is unique and it shows you that miracles are real.

Lindsey was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma at the age of 17. After multiple rounds of chemotherapy, Lindsey was told that she would more than likely never be able to have a biological child. So when she met Dale, who has two sons, we all knew they were meant for each other. But last year in the midst of wedding planning, she started to feel ill again. They were scared her lymphoma was back. Never did they think she was pregnant until Dale joked about it.

Their wedding was postponed and months later Kellan was born. Their little "miracle baby" they call him. He has two big brothers and more love than anyone could ask for!

Being able to photograph this special day for this beautiful family was an honor.