First Trimester Must Haves


I've decided to share some of my first trimester must haves this time around. I can vouch that each pregnancy really can be totally different!

Pure Essence Labs Mother to Be prenatal vitamins are my favorite. You have to take 3 a day but for me the plant based vitamin really saved my stomach. They have ginger root and other nausea battling ingredients that helped me out.

Saltines. All day every day. I was so nauseous this time around and still get queasy every now and again. I had these on me at all times.

The Glow Nurture app on my iPhone helps me keep track of how many weeks I am. I can also log information I get at each baby appointment like my weight/blood pressure and babies heartbeat. It's articles and facts are always fun to read through too!

These bottles are a splurge but if you're like me and want your water to stay cold ALL day, S'well is the way to go. I have a few of these and just LOVE them. Staying hydrated this time around is much harder because I feel like I'm always chasing Clark around and not paying as much attention to self care. Making sure I always have a bottle of water on me is crucial.

We were at the beach again while I was in my first trimester. For some reason this pregnancy my skin is super sensitive. I got sunburn so quickly! I first thing that helped with that is the Ocean Potion sunscreen. It's a personal favorite that smells great, works and doesn't contain oxybenzone. The second thing that helped was the long sleeve J. Crew swimsuit. It was super comfy, cute, not hot and helped me from getting sunburn.

My final piece of the puzzle was Sea-Bands. They helped tremendously with nausea. (See the theme this pregnancy? Hah.) They're not the prettiest but I wore them on days I shot weddings or when I had to ride in the car for longer than 20 minutes. Super helpful.

Check back soon to see what I've been using in the second trimester!