Finally Ready to Welcome 2014

It’s January 31st, one month into the new year. I took this month to figure out what I would like to do in 2014. Every year I make a list of things I want to start doing, things I want to stop doing and things I want to keep doing. Some may call this their “New Years Resolutions,” but I’m just going to call it my “Year Plan.” Here are some of them!


Visit 5 places I have never been
I am hoping I will be able to to add Karachi, Hawaii and Colorado to this years list. This is on the list every year and I’ve always succeeded at getting to 5 new places. Last year, two of the places I had traveled to were Jamaica and Maine!

I need to work on this. I’ll admit to neglecting this for a long time but it really is important! 2014 is my year to start and continue to help our environment.

Build relationships with other photographers and small business owners
Not only is networking important but having friendships with people who understand what you do for a living can keep you sane.

Get a wedding published to Style Me Pretty or Green Wedding Shoes
It’s tough to do but I want to push myself to be better and capture amazing wedding moments like never before.

Raise double the money we did last year for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Societies “Light the Night” walk in honor of my grandmother. 
Go team Joanies Jets!

Read a book a month
I love to read and sometimes I need to remember to take time out for myself to relax and refocus. Even if its just chicklit (my guilty pleasure) I want to set time aside to read.

Spend more time with family
I’ve been lucky enough to grow up knowing how important family is. The best part about big families is that there are always birthdays, recitals or sporting events going on so you are never without time to see each other. But this year, as my family will grow and I gain a father in law, mother in law, sister in law and brother in law, I want to focus on building those relationships.


Please share, what are some goals you'd like to reach in 2014?