Dress up time at glitteR & gRit, a new Lawrenceville bridal boutique

"Reclaiming romance..." the motto of the new Lawrenceville bridal boutique, glitteR & gRit. As a Lawrenceville resident and wedding photographer, as soon as this place opened I had to check it out. Not only is this shop a great addition to the neighborhood, the owner, Erin Szymanski is fabulous.

 "Glitter & Grit offers a uniquely curated selection of handmade and independently designed wedding dresses and accessories to Pittsburgh’s boldly engaged."

The second Thursday of every month they have a "dress up" event where, engaged or not, you can come try on these gorgeous gowns and unique accessories. This past Thursday the wonderful Lisa Love, owner of Salon 22 did hair for the guests and the talented freelance make up artist, Angella Morgan, dolled guests up. Mt. Lebanon Floral also supplied a beautiful bouquet and crown.

Check back in later this month as I will be teaming up with glitteR & gRit again for a fun stylized shoot!


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