It started with a date at Dairy Queen...

Jake and Renee had their first date sophomore year of high school. They went to Dairy Queen, where neither of them ordered anything. When Jake went home that night he wrote a note to himself saying that was the girl he was going to marry. He still has that note to this day. 

6 years later, we celebrate this amazing couple's wedding day. 

As Jake spun Renee off her feet during their first dance and delicately fed her a piece of their wedding cake, you could see nothing but absolute love and joy. 

Venue: Greensburg Country Club
DJ: Second II None Productions
Florist: Brides and Butterflies
Bakery: Jeff Pastor Bakery
Gown: MB Bride
Tux: Tuxedo Junction


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I got to catch the new Mr. and Mrs. Choby leaving the ceremony on their way to the reception.  

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In lieu of traditional wedding favors to their guests, Jake and Renee kindly donated to CBN Water Projects.

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The DJ got everyone on the dance floor by separating the guys and girls on each side then having them partner up as they strolled though the lines. Everyone was having a blast!  

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Neil does this to you... Reachin outtttttttt. 

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