Clark's Nursery


We had a blast when it came to Clark's nursery. I'm sharing the details below. 

It all started when I got the viking ship mobile while on a trip to Iceland. The next purchase was the giant map, from there it all just fell together piece by piece!

Map: Ikea
Crib: Ikea
Curtains: Ikea
Shelves: Ikea
Changing Pad: Keekaroo
Lamp: Target
Throw Blanket: Pottery Barn
Laundry bag: West Elm
Moose Hook: Home Goods
Sheepskin Rug: Home Goods
Picture Frames: Home Goods
Maternity Photos: Jessica Vogelsang Photography
Mobile: Bought in a boutique on my trip to Iceland
Wreath: Mt. Lebanon Floral

Cross Stitch Quote: Sewn by my Mum (Jack Kerouac quote)
Moose: Bought by my Dad on his trip to Alaska
End table: Cut by my Dad on my Grandfathers property, made by Reid
Rocking Chair: Family heirloom (fabric from JoAnn Fabrics)
Dresser: Family heirloom