Bouquet of the Day


This was SO much fun! I had the honor of learning how to make a bouquet from the wonderful Carmel at Mt. Lebanon Floral. First off, if you haven't seen her beautiful/inspiring floral arrangements you can see them HERE. They honestly are a work of art! 

Carmel has been posting a "bouquet of the day" for a while now, but she recently invited friends to come make creations of their own. I had NO CLUE where to start when I got there. After looking through tons of flowers (and learning about them) Carmel started off by giving some direction. (Which I definitely needed and was grateful for.) After an hour I had my very first bouquet.

To finish it off we sifted through boxes and boxes of ribbon that Carmel collects. The gorgeous textures and colors are one of the the things I love when she adds them to some bouquets for the finishing touch. Thank you, thank you for this awesome learning experience!