Ada's Birth Story


It has taken me a while to post this, life with two littles doesn't leave much time for blogging!

Ada's birth story is almost exactly how I'd hope a labor and delivery could go. What makes it all so unique though, is that my sister in law and I were due on the exact same day with girls.

Two weeks before our due dates, on January 4th, my sister in law had her daughter Dorothy sometime after 10pm. We got the text message around 10:30pm as we were crawling into bed. I was just about to fall asleep when I had my first contraction. I wasn't sure if that is what is was at first. (With Clark my water just broke, I wasn't dilated or contracting at the time.) I got up, went to the bathroom, walked around a minute then laid back down. 15 minutes later I had the pain again. I got up, went downstairs and called my Mum. I figured if this was really it, I would let Reid get as much sleep as possible. My Mum and I talked for a few minutes, I had a few more contractions, called the labor and delivery number and realized this was it. At first they weren't consistent enough so I wasn't sure, but the intensity grew so that is what made me realize it was time.

When I woke up Reid, he jumped into action. He was grabbing his belongings to pack a bag but I told him to slow down and take his time because things weren't too consistent yet. About 10 minutes later while he was brewing coffee and taking his time like I said to, I had multiple painful contractions in a short period of time. Suddenly I had a fear that I'd have the baby on route 48 so I told him to drop everything so we could leave.

It was around midnight at this time and I couldn't wait for my Dad to arrive to watch Clark so I called our neighbor Steph who had already assured me she would sleep with her phone close by in case we needed her. She answered on the second ring and knew it was baby time!

Steph walked over, we left with my Dad on the way and my Mum to meet us at the hospital. After getting settled in and checked by the doctor, things seemed to move quickly. (Not a luxury I had with Clark's labor.) We arrived at Forbes a little before 1am and Ada was safely on my chest at 5:10am. 

I got an epidural again which didn't go as smoothly as my first. I couldn't get myself positioned right during contractions but eventually it was done. Sadly it only worked on one side and I needed to move myself to my right side so it would work better. That was one of the most painful parts of the labor. I was having multiple contractions in a minute and I just couldn't get comfortable enough to turn. When it was time to push the whole process took 20 minutes. To me this was incredible considering I pushed with Clark for 4 hours. Things were calm, I was joking with my doctor in between contractions and I felt at ease.

We had a healthy, strong, 7 pound 5 ounce and 20 inch baby girl. Ada Louise Wellock. Named Ada just because we liked the name and Louise after my grandmother, (her middle name.)

The only part of this labor that was scary was shortly after the placenta was out I wasn't contracting like I needed to to stop the bleeding. I passed a few very large clots, they put me on pitocin and had to push on my uterus to make it contract. I was thankful my Mum was with us so she could be with me during this time but Reid was able to stand with Ada as the doctors looked her over. Eventually the bleeding was under control and we were moved to another room to cuddle our sweet girl. Soon after that, visitors started to arrive and Clark got to meet his baby sister. It was love at first site all around.

I can't thank my Mum enough for taking these photos. It means so much to us.

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