Off Season with Rakhshani and Olson


A few weeks ago Bridgeport Sound Tigers (New York Islanders AHL affiliate) forward Rhett Rakhshani and defenseman Benn Olson did some off season training with the Sound Tigers assistant Coach Matt Bertani in Pittsburgh, PA and I got to take a few photos during one of their sessions.  This was also the second week Coach Bertani was back on the ice after fracturing his c-1 vertebra in May.
I had a chance to talk with Rakhshani about his workouts and stay in Pittsburgh, you can check that out below!
Q. How long did you take off at the end of this season before getting back into a workout?
A. I took about 3 weeks off, then slowly got my body going again. 


Q. Do you change your diet in the off season?
A. I probably eat less carbs as I don't need quite as much fuel during the season than the off season.  I also try to eat all natural and organic foods as much as I can.
Q. What has Coach Bertani helped you with during this off season training that you feel will benefit you come next season?
A. I learned a lot about how to use my edges more efficiently and also to be able to turn faster.  Coach Bertani has also helped me to lengthen my stride by certain drills we did.  I feel all those things will benefit me this upcoming season.
Q. Did you get to see any of Pittsburgh during your visit?
A. Yeah, I got to see downtown Pittsburgh and some of the surrounding areas.  Downtown was really cool and Pittsburgh exceeded my expectations.
Q. What are you looking forward to most for next season?
A. I am most looking forward to an opportunity to make the Islanders and get into the NHL.