Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Telin


Today we celebrated the marriage of Josh and Heidi!  This couple was so natural and easy going, I had so much fun shooting with them, their bridal party, and families.  Two of my favorite little details today were the hanger the bride had made that said "Mrs. Telin."  And the six pence glued to the bottom of her shoe that goes along with the says... "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. And a six pence for her shoe."  
Even though the day started off pouring down rain,  it was just our luck that after the ceremony it had all cleared up! Once we got to the country club to shoot portraits,  I tried something different with the new Mr. and Mrs. They were to write something that they loved about one another on a card and not see what each other wrote.  The best part about this was that they both wrote the same exact thing!  You can see the bride and groom surprised and happy about what one of the things they both love about each other.  This was such a beautiful wedding! Congratulations Josh and Heidi :)