Pittsburgh Penguins and the North Market


This past weekend, my girlfriends and I took a trip to Columbus, OH. for the Penguins V. Blue Jackets game at Nationwide Arena.  First off, our hotel was FILLED with Pittsburgh people.  Second, on our walk to the arena from our hotel, chants were heard all over the streets "LETS GO PENS!"  There was a sea of black and gold, along with the blue winter classic jerseys.  It was incredible to see the fan base that traveled.  Hoards of people were in line to get inside screaming "LETS GO PENS."  When we were inside, 4 girls in Pens gear (us) sat in the middle of what looked like to us the only Blue Jackets fans.  "Oh great" was mumbled when we sat down by a couple of men behind us.  Needless to say, we annoyed them because we had much to cheer for :)  The Pens were up 4-0 at the beginning of the second period, "LETS GO PEN-GUINS" clap clap clap clap clap, overlapped any faint "LETS GO JACK-ETS" attempts.  Then Pens fan started the wave.  It was an incredible experience.  The Pens won 7-2.
The next day, we went to this place called the North Market.  It's similar to how the Strip District looks on the weekends, but it's everyday there (and all inside.)  It's the only public market in Columbus for unique, independent merchants and farmers to sell their goods.  There was fresh seafood, meats, and cheeses.  Fresh baked goods, spices, candies, flowers, coffees and teas.  Everything you could think of!  We got fresh made sushi for lunch, and other things to snack on.  On the top floor, they had tables set up for individuals selling things like, clothing, jewelry, and candles.  We found this woman who made winter hats out of old sweaters!  These one of a kind hats were so cute we couldn't pass them up.  Our trip to Columbus was a great little weekend get away.