I am lucky to have two wonderful holiday traditions during Christmas time.  On Christmas Eve, my Dad's side of the family eats home made perogies.  (There is loads of other food, but this is what we all look forward to the most!)  The Tokarski women gather at my Aunt Sherry's house a week before Christmas.  This year it was Sunday (the day after caplet day for my Mom's side of the family.)  We make meat, potato, and sour kraut perogies.  In our process we make the dough, spoon the homemade fillings into them, and then pinch.  Once they are pinched close we put them on plates covered in flour so they don't stick together and send it over to the stove where someone is boiling and sauteing.  They are fully made then froze for the week till we cook them up again on Christmas Eve.  Here is the delicious, floury, and buttery process in photos.