Architecture, Ferrys, Beach, and Gracie.


Here goes round 2 of the Connecticut photos.  While we were there we took a drive up to New Haven to check out Yale University.  The architecture was beautiful and the weather was perfect to walk around taking pictures.  Also, close to my Uncles house is the Steelpointe Harbor.  A ferry ride to Long Island is just an hour away.  I snapped a few cool photos there before I got asked to put my camera away!  My next stop was Fairfield beach early one morning.  My Uncle and his girlfriend have the best dog ever, Gracie. We took her to play and it was chillllly and windy.  But Gracie had fun in the water.  I love this place!













(I just couldn't help but add this one on. Right smack dab in the middle of the bed. Hahahah.)