Q & A with Rachel

  1. Do you have insurance? absolutely! I am fully covered, including Liability insurance. let me know if your venue needs proof. 

  2. Do you do destination weddings? Hell yeah!

  3. is an engagement session included in our package? two of the packages have a complimentary engagement session included. i like to add this as a gift so we can all have fun and get to know each other. 

  4. Will you be the main photographer at our wedding? of course! I am the only main photographer at Rachel tokarski photography, but i do always bring an assistant with me.

  5. How many photos do we get? this is a common question. the answer depends on your wedding. How many people are in your bridal party? how many family formals do you want? and how much wedding day coverage did you get with your package? a small wedding could receive 300 but a large one could receive over 700.  

  6. how long til we get our photos? no longer than 6 weeks after your big day.

  7. do you have a replacement photographer incase of a medical emergency? yes. there is an incredible network of photographers in my area who cover for each other in case of emergency. i am proud to be a part of such a talented, thoughtful group.

  8. do you bring back up equipment in case of malfunction? totes, i always like to be over prepared. 

  9. what kind of equipment do you use? i'm a canon gal. i have multiple professional camera bodies and 5 lenses along with external flashes. and if that's not enough, my assistant has additional canon cameras, lenses and flashes. 

  10. what do you wear? yoga pants and a hoodie. kidding! That's what I wear at home while editing. i usually wear a nice dress or slacks and a dress shirt. oh, and flats, always flats.

  11. should we feed you? Yes, please. If we are providing over 5 hours of wedding day coverage, you don't want us getting hangry.