Things that make me smile

Things I love Rachel Tokarski Photography

I love to travel. Each year I make sure I visit 5 places I have never been* Hot wings. Seriously my favorite food * Peonies are my favorite flower * I wish Post-Its would sponsor my life * #GIRLBOSS, such an inspiring book * L'Occitane, my favorite soap, lotion, everything. So good * Perrier Lime is my drink of choice. I never used to like mineral water but this one's delish * I am a Canon girl* Yoga is how I like to center and destress myself * White Lightening, my favorite local beer! * If you don't watch The Mindy Project, you should. So. Freaking. Funny. Sometimes I ask myself WWMD? * I love shoes* Who doesn't love Steve Martin? Who doesn't love Father of the Bride? No one * I could eat sour patch kids till my mouth falls apart. Except all of the orange ones are left when I'm done with them * Anthro sells the BEST candles. I can thank my sister in law for making me obsessed with these * I'm a Gladiator. Shonda Rhimes basically owns me on Thursday nights. Olivia Pope is a boss * Chapstick, I never finish a tube because I lose it but I love it.