Foos Baby Shower


Last weekend I got to shoot one of the lovelies baby showers. I loved getting to take a few photos of the sweet Mama and Dad to be prior to the festivities, too!

HIP at The Flashlight Factory was such a unique and beautiful venue. JPC Event Group was perfection, as always. And to top it off, the guests got to embroider something personal on a AE jean jacket thanks to Embroidery from the Heart and the kind Mama.

Foos Baby Shower-22.jpg
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Legge Maternity | In Home


My first in home maternity session!

Cuddles on the couch, dancing and reading. This shoot was so much fun. I love when big brother can get excited about his new baby sister coming. I can’t wait to meet baby Cora.

Legge Maternity Blog-1.jpg
Legge Maternity Blog-2.jpg
Legge Maternity Blog-9.jpg
Legge Maternity Blog-10.jpg
Legge Maternity Blog-11.jpg

Ellis Maternity | Bushy Run


I am thankful to have been able to photograph the wedding of Emily and Chris a few years ago. Now, they’re expecting their first child, a baby girl. Emily was a stunner in this gorgeous pink gown. We went to the location of their wedding photos and had a blast! I think maternity sessions are one of my new favorite things to do. Capturing this special time in photographs is truly becoming a passion for me.

If you’re looking for maternity photos, let’s talk!

Ellis Maternity-2.jpg
Ellis Maternity-5.jpg
Ellis Maternity-6.jpg
Ellis Maternity-10.jpg
Ellis Maternity-17.jpg