Gavin Family | Settlers Ridge Park


Pretty much one of the cutest families EVER.

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Meet Jensen


This sweet sweet little lady baby was welcomed into the world on February 4th. Getting to photograph for Emily and Chris has always been so fun for me! Add a baby in the mix and I’m in my happy place. <3

(Emily was the one who wore the stunning pink dress for our maternity session!)

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Ellis Maternity | Bushy Run


I am thankful to have been able to photograph the wedding of Emily and Chris a few years ago. Now, they’re expecting their first child, a baby girl. Emily was a stunner in this gorgeous pink gown. We went to the location of their wedding photos and had a blast! I think maternity sessions are one of my new favorite things to do. Capturing this special time in photographs is truly becoming a passion for me.

If you’re looking for maternity photos, let’s talk!

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