2018 BEST OF: Engagement Sessions


Downtown Pittsburgh, Hartwood Acres and Linn Run Park. These are just a few of the fun locations my couples took me to in 2018 for engagement sessions!

2018 Engagement-1.jpg
2018 Engagement-2.jpg
2018 Engagement-3.jpg
2018 Engagement-4.jpg
2018 Engagement-5.jpg
2018 Engagement-6.jpg
2018 Engagement-7.jpg
2018 Engagement-10.jpg
2018 Engagement-13.jpg
2018 Engagement-14.jpg
2018 Engagement-16.jpg
2018 Engagement-17.jpg
2018 Engagement-23.jpg
2018 Engagement-24.jpg
2018 Engagement-25.jpg
2018 Engagement-30.jpg

Jenn and Joe | Engagement


It was sweltering yesterday but Jenn and Joe took to the city streets with me for their engagement session. It was a gorgeous day so making our way from the North Shore to Cultural District was perfect!

Jenn and Joe-5.jpg
Jenn and Joe-4.jpg
Jenn and Joe-2.jpg
Jenn and Joe-10.jpg

Marissa and Zach | Engagement


I shot engagement photos for Marissa and Zach yesterday. We could not have asked for more beautiful weather while we roamed around the North Shore. We ended the shoot with a beer at Southern Tier. (A gorgeous beer loving couple? YES PLEASE.) I had so much fun with these two, I can hardly wait for their August nuptials!

Marissa and Zach Preview-2.jpg
Marissa and Zach Preview-6.jpg
Marissa and Zach Preview-5.jpg
Marissa and Zach Preview-7.jpg
Marissa and Zach Preview-8.jpg
Marissa and Zach Preview-9.jpg
Marissa and Zach Preview-10.jpg
Marissa and Zach Preview-12.jpg
Marissa and Zach Preview-13.jpg
Marissa and Zach Preview-11.jpg