Ada's Nursery


Better late than never, right?

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged Ada’s bedroom yet. I had so much fun choosing the wallpaper and other decor for her bedroom.

Crib: Little Seeds Monarch Hill
Rug: Target
Wallpaper: Peerless Wallpaper and Blinds
Book ledges: Ikea
Wall hooks: Marshalls
Wreath: JoAnn Fabrics
Wall flowers: Hobby Lobby
Chair pillow: Handmade with love by Nana
Literary quote: Printed with love by Nana

Ada's Nursery-2.jpg
Ada's Nursery-4.jpg
Ada's Nursery-5.jpg

Newborn Must Haves

I know there are tons of lists out there and that each family / baby likes things differently, but here are some things we found made newborn life easier!

My all time favorite come home outfit for winter babies is from H&M. These cross body snap onesies and footie pants are perfect. No need to pull something over their head and no need to try and get socks on them. Both of my kiddos wore these for outings a lot their first few months of life. They come in a bunch of colors / patterns and sizes.

Nose Frida, all the way. We didn’t have one of these nasal aspirators with Clark and kept hearing about it. It’s way better than sucking out their boogs with the bulb. (I still use the bulb though so definitely take that home from the hospital.)

Gowns! It makes changing a million diapers so much easier. Especially in the middle of the night, no snaps or zippers. You can get them just about anywhere you can buy baby clothes.

I’d like to consider myself a professional baby wearer. I still wear Ada at 13 months. We LOVE our Sakura Bloom ring sling. I used this for both Clark and Ada. The ring sling is the image in the top right. The other sling I used (especially when she was a newborn) is the Solly Baby wrap, shown on the bottom row. It took a few times to get the hang of tying it tight enough but soon enough I was wearing her daily in this. Both helped especially through fussy phases. Remember you always want to wear your babies close enough to kiss!

The DockATot is a big must have for us. It really helped us in those first 6 months.

Ahh, the good old BabyBum brush. We can’t help but love this product. It’s so nice to apply diaper rash cream without getting it on your hands. I love gifting this!

Both of my babies loved the 4moms mamaRoo. We kept ours in the kitchens so when it came time to cook meals they could hangout with us.

The Wonder Weeks app is amazing. It really is so interesting to read and understand the timing of certain growth spurts / leaps. Sometimes being able to check that app gave peace of mind when I wasn’t sure why either kid was so clingy. But learning about what they were going through really really helped.

Another app I love is Sprout Baby. I mainly use this app for tracking nursing sessions. Both of my kids only nursed on one side each feeding, so when I couldn’t remember which side I had previously nursed on it was helpful. You can also track their growth amongst other things. Worth the money, for sure!

A humidifier! If they get colds when their little there is only so much you can do besides the nasal aspirator. The Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier worked wonders.

Best swaddles, hands down! The Love to Dream Swaddle Up Original let’s your kids sleep with their hands up by their face but helps with their startle reflex. Ada hated having her arms pinned down and always wanted to move them by her head, but when we’d let her sleep unswaddled she would constantly wake herself up. This was a life saver. When you need to go up a size, the Love to Dream Swaddle Up has arms that zip off!!! When Ada was starting to roll we could unzip one arm at a time to make the transition easier. I love this product.

Both of my kids were spitter uppers. We couldn’t just use small burp cloths, we basically needed ponchos. These Carters receiving blankets we’re my favorite.

This is totally a splurge but the Keekaroo Peanut changing pad is awesome. It made changing them an easier process because we could just wipe it down afterwards.

We got Clark a Hatch Baby Rest night light when he was 2 years old. This is a sound machine and night light rolled into one. One of my favorite features is that you can control it from an app on your phone. My second favorite feature is timing the light or sound. This was perfect for letting Clark know when it was morning. He might wake up at 6:30/7 but if the light was still orange it was bedtime. When it turns blue it’s morning and he can get up! We got one of these for Ada now too.

I love the newborn cuddles and everything about the newborn stage, but being tired is REAL. Anything to help make that stage easier I am all for.

Newborn Must Haves.jpg

Postpartum Must Haves

Better late than never, hah. I am a year postpartum but these must haves will be on my list for our next baby. (Fingers crossed!) I learned so much from having Clark that these things helped me after Ada’s birth. If you’re going to breast feed, a lot of these things pertain to that.

Snacks. I was SO hungry while nursing. Especially in the middle of the night. Have lots of healthier snacks on hand.

A good big coffee/tea mug is crucial.

A water bottle is also crucial, especially for nursing. Drink ALL the water.

A good nursing nightgown. I had night sweats after both kids while my hormones leveled out, so having light clothing but easily accessible for nursing was awesome. I am a nightgown kinda person anyway, so I had a few already.

Nursing bras. I LOVE all of the Bravado bra’s I own.

Lanolin, all the lanolin.

I’ve tried a lot of different nursing pads, but the Bamboobies ones were my favorite.

I think I just put our Boppy away and I nursed Ada over a year. It’s helpful to have good posture while nursing! This aided in that and I learned it the hard way.

Postpartum high waist support leggings. These Blanqui ones helped me feel like my belly stayed tight post baby. Plus it was nice to wear high waisted things while nursing. I could lift my shirt up and didn’t feel like I was super exposed.

A sitz bath. Girls, DO THEM if you have a vaginal birth! I swear this really aided in my healing time. This was also my few minutes a day of alone time post baby.

Take the perinal bottle they give you at the hospital! It’s a life saver in the beginning.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed once you’re home with baby. The other postpartum must have I didn’t list is a support system. Your partner, family members, girlfriends… don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Postpartum Must Haves.jpg

Big Boy Bed


Clark has been sleeping on a mattress on the floor for months. We finally decided it was time for a real big boy bed! My Dad and I made a house bed frame. Not only was it fun learning about wood working with my Dad, but Clark came with us to get supplies and when it was time to put it together he helped.

The tassel garland was made by my Mum for Clark’s first birthday, I am happy we could repurpose it! The quilt and sheets are Target and the book shelf is Ikea. The two looney kids are Wellock originals.

Clark's Bed-1.jpg
Clark's Bed-3.jpg
Clark's Bed-4.jpg
Clark's Bed-5.jpg
Clark's Bed-8.jpg
Clark's Bed-6.jpg
Clark's Bed-7.jpg

Third Trimester Must Haves

I am writing this one 7 months postpartum (life with a newborn has a way of making you wildly busy!) My third trimester brought on sciatic issues but overall wasn't bad. These are a few things that helped me get through it!

My Varidesk was sooooo helpful. Being able to stand while I edit/email was crucial. 

Packing my hospital bag was something that gave me a feeling of comfort. You really don't have any control over when you will go into labor so making sure my bag was packed by 32 weeks honestly just took away some of that anxiety of the unknown. (I will do a post next showing specifically what I packed in mine!)

Two words, BATH-BOMBS. Lush to be exact. Back to the backache stuff, it was so nice to soak in the tub to relieve some of the aches and pains.

Did I mention my back ached? Hah. A prenatal massage is something every pregnant woman should get to experience. 

I love Dreft laundry detergent. The smell of it on newborn clothes makes me want to cuddle fresh baby. Doing some laundry prior to baby's arrival is another thing I could do to reduce my anxiety over waiting for her to come!

Last but not least, my beloved Netflix. I was pretty tired chasing a toddler around during my third trimester so I am not ashamed to say Clark has some new shows in his queue. A few favorites are Beat Bugs, Dino Trux and PJ Masks. If you want to watch a weird show for toddlers, check out Gon. Thankfully he has forgot about that one so I haven't had to sit through it in a while. Some of my recently favorite binges have included Glow, The Crown, Grace & Frankie and Riverdale.

Third trimester is all about relaxing as much as you can and doing final preparations for the sweet little nuggets arrival!

Third Tri Must Haves.JPG

Ada's Birth Story


It has taken me a while to post this, life with two littles doesn't leave much time for blogging!

Ada's birth story is almost exactly how I'd hope a labor and delivery could go. What makes it all so unique though, is that my sister in law and I were due on the exact same day with girls.

Two weeks before our due dates, on January 4th, my sister in law had her daughter Dorothy sometime after 10pm. We got the text message around 10:30pm as we were crawling into bed. I was just about to fall asleep when I had my first contraction. I wasn't sure if that is what is was at first. (With Clark my water just broke, I wasn't dilated or contracting at the time.) I got up, went to the bathroom, walked around a minute then laid back down. 15 minutes later I had the pain again. I got up, went downstairs and called my Mum. I figured if this was really it, I would let Reid get as much sleep as possible. My Mum and I talked for a few minutes, I had a few more contractions, called the labor and delivery number and realized this was it. At first they weren't consistent enough so I wasn't sure, but the intensity grew so that is what made me realize it was time.

When I woke up Reid, he jumped into action. He was grabbing his belongings to pack a bag but I told him to slow down and take his time because things weren't too consistent yet. About 10 minutes later while he was brewing coffee and taking his time like I said to, I had multiple painful contractions in a short period of time. Suddenly I had a fear that I'd have the baby on route 48 so I told him to drop everything so we could leave.

It was around midnight at this time and I couldn't wait for my Dad to arrive to watch Clark so I called our neighbor Steph who had already assured me she would sleep with her phone close by in case we needed her. She answered on the second ring and knew it was baby time!

Steph walked over, we left with my Dad on the way and my Mum to meet us at the hospital. After getting settled in and checked by the doctor, things seemed to move quickly. (Not a luxury I had with Clark's labor.) We arrived at Forbes a little before 1am and Ada was safely on my chest at 5:10am. 

I got an epidural again which didn't go as smoothly as my first. I couldn't get myself positioned right during contractions but eventually it was done. Sadly it only worked on one side and I needed to move myself to my right side so it would work better. That was one of the most painful parts of the labor. I was having multiple contractions in a minute and I just couldn't get comfortable enough to turn. When it was time to push the whole process took 20 minutes. To me this was incredible considering I pushed with Clark for 4 hours. Things were calm, I was joking with my doctor in between contractions and I felt at ease.

We had a healthy, strong, 7 pound 5 ounce and 20 inch baby girl. Ada Louise Wellock. Named Ada just because we liked the name and Louise after my grandmother, (her middle name.)

The only part of this labor that was scary was shortly after the placenta was out I wasn't contracting like I needed to to stop the bleeding. I passed a few very large clots, they put me on pitocin and had to push on my uterus to make it contract. I was thankful my Mum was with us so she could be with me during this time but Reid was able to stand with Ada as the doctors looked her over. Eventually the bleeding was under control and we were moved to another room to cuddle our sweet girl. Soon after that, visitors started to arrive and Clark got to meet his baby sister. It was love at first site all around.

I can't thank my Mum enough for taking these photos. It means so much to us.

Ada Birth Story-1.jpg
Ada Birth Story-8.jpg
Ada Birth Story-7.jpg

Second Trimester Must Haves


The second trimester of this pregnancy came slowly but then was gone quickly!

When I was pregnant with Clark I bought a grey maternity dress from Target. The Liz Lange line there is basically what I lived in but mostly this dress. I wore it alone in the summer with flip flops and continue to wear it with sneakers and a sweater or boots.

The Bio Oil helps with stretch marks for sure. I don't know if it's helped me not get them on my belly but I have been fortunate so far. I use this on and off with the Palmers Cocoa Butter lotion.

I got a really bad head cold and since there isn't much pregnant women can take, this Crane Cool Mist humidifier was a life saver. (We have one in Clark's room and one for the new baby!)

This pregnancy I have also been congested pretty much the entire time. Whether it's just hormones or my allergies (and I can't take my normal meds for that,) saline spray is something I found safe but super helpful.

Heartburn came in full force this pregnancy. Tums are my best friend.

This is where starting to sleep on your side is important, the Snoogle pillow helps me do that since I'm a back/belly sleeper normally. Couldn't get a nights sleep without it!

A new purchase this year is the Blanqi maternity support leggings. I know it's a splurge but honestly the support in them in SO helpful since I've started to have some sciatic issues this time around. Right now they are having a half off sale. RUN don't walk for these buttery leggings.

Check back for my third trimester must haves, along with what I am packing in my hospital bag!


First Trimester Must Haves


I've decided to share some of my first trimester must haves this time around. I can vouch that each pregnancy really can be totally different!

Pure Essence Labs Mother to Be prenatal vitamins are my favorite. You have to take 3 a day but for me the plant based vitamin really saved my stomach. They have ginger root and other nausea battling ingredients that helped me out.

Saltines. All day every day. I was so nauseous this time around and still get queasy every now and again. I had these on me at all times.

The Glow Nurture app on my iPhone helps me keep track of how many weeks I am. I can also log information I get at each baby appointment like my weight/blood pressure and babies heartbeat. It's articles and facts are always fun to read through too!

These bottles are a splurge but if you're like me and want your water to stay cold ALL day, S'well is the way to go. I have a few of these and just LOVE them. Staying hydrated this time around is much harder because I feel like I'm always chasing Clark around and not paying as much attention to self care. Making sure I always have a bottle of water on me is crucial.

We were at the beach again while I was in my first trimester. For some reason this pregnancy my skin is super sensitive. I got sunburn so quickly! I first thing that helped with that is the Ocean Potion sunscreen. It's a personal favorite that smells great, works and doesn't contain oxybenzone. The second thing that helped was the long sleeve J. Crew swimsuit. It was super comfy, cute, not hot and helped me from getting sunburn.

My final piece of the puzzle was Sea-Bands. They helped tremendously with nausea. (See the theme this pregnancy? Hah.) They're not the prettiest but I wore them on days I shot weddings or when I had to ride in the car for longer than 20 minutes. Super helpful.

Check back soon to see what I've been using in the second trimester!


Clark is ONE


I finally photographed Clark for his first birthday. (Leave it to the professional photographer to be late to the game on this.) The theme of his party was Where the Wild Things Are so his Nana made him an awesome crown. This Wild One is walking, his first word was pup and he eats like a machine. Some of his favorite things to do are play with his cousins, ride around in his Radio Flyer car and play music.

The cute smash cake is from our local bakery Patti's Pasticceria
The adorable tee pee is from Tnees Tpees.

I can't believe my goofy little man is one year old! What a wonderful first year this has been.