2018 BEST OF: Engagement Sessions


Downtown Pittsburgh, Hartwood Acres and Linn Run Park. These are just a few of the fun locations my couples took me to in 2018 for engagement sessions!

2018 Engagement-1.jpg
2018 Engagement-2.jpg
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2018 Engagement-30.jpg

Jenn and Joe | Engagement


It was sweltering yesterday but Jenn and Joe took to the city streets with me for their engagement session. It was a gorgeous day so making our way from the North Shore to Cultural District was perfect!

Jenn and Joe-5.jpg
Jenn and Joe-4.jpg
Jenn and Joe-2.jpg
Jenn and Joe-10.jpg

Marissa and Zach | Engagement


I shot engagement photos for Marissa and Zach yesterday. We could not have asked for more beautiful weather while we roamed around the North Shore. We ended the shoot with a beer at Southern Tier. (A gorgeous beer loving couple? YES PLEASE.) I had so much fun with these two, I can hardly wait for their August nuptials!

Marissa and Zach Preview-2.jpg
Marissa and Zach Preview-6.jpg
Marissa and Zach Preview-5.jpg
Marissa and Zach Preview-7.jpg
Marissa and Zach Preview-8.jpg
Marissa and Zach Preview-9.jpg
Marissa and Zach Preview-10.jpg
Marissa and Zach Preview-12.jpg
Marissa and Zach Preview-13.jpg
Marissa and Zach Preview-11.jpg

Amanda and Greg | Engagement


I can't believe Amanda and Greg get married NEXT WEEK! This year has flown by. I can't wait to photograph and celebrate with these two.

Side note, if you want to include your dog in your engagement photos but aren't sure... DO IT.


Rachel and David | Engagement


Rachel and David are going to tie the knot in November.

Since I am getting excited about their big day, I just have to share their sweet engagement session at North Park!


Including your Furry Friends


This weeks posts to Facebook and Instagram were about including your furry friend in wedding or engagement photos. If you ever wonder if you should or not, the answer is yes!

A few bonus photos include a random pup loving up on a couple during their wedding portraits and an adorable bull dog at an in home engagement session. 


Dana and John | Engagement


I've only done one other in home engagement session but I think they are becoming one of my favorites to shoot! I loved shooting with these two while they danced, cuddled and just goofed off.

Dana and John Preview-15.jpg

Jackie and Gary | Engagement


We headed to Narcisi Winery and Hartwood Acres for Jackie and Gary's engagement session. I am pretty sure I have never laughed so much through a shoot. These two are so sweet and I can't wait for their wedding next year!

Jackie and Gary Blog-4.jpg

Jessica and James | Bushy Run Engagement


James spent over 800 days at sea with the US Navy, he and Jessica sent over 200 letters to each other. Everything about that screams love! We went to Bushy Run Battlefield for their engagement session. Their adorable boxer pups make an appearance too. (We all know I love me some pups posing with their humans.)