Mattock Wedding | Omni Bedford Springs Resort


Kim and Eddie got married on a beautiful spring day at the Omni Bedford Springs Resort surrounded by their closest friends and family. This lovely couple had a gorgeous outdoor ceremony, despite some sprinkles coming from the clear blue sky for a few minutes! From their classic details, choreographed first dance and Frank Sinatra impersonator singing a few songs to kick the party off, the day was perfect.

Congratulations Kim and Eddie!

Mattock Preview-1.jpg
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Barnes Wedding | Pittsburgh, PA


Lets talk about how I started my 2018 wedding season off with one of the SWEETEST couples, Sarah and Carson. I had the luck of getting to meet them well before their big day because I photographed Sarah's brother, Brad's wedding in August of 2017 and then their cousin Rachel's wedding in November of 2017. 

I would describe this day as elegant, classic and chilly. I'm not sure anyone could have predicted there would be snow on the ground Saturday morning, but there was. (Pittsburgh has a way of dragging on winter.) It didn't stop the bride, groom and their bridal party from braving the cold to take beautiful photos though. Major props to all of the ladies for looking gorgeous despite shivering!

Thank you for having us be a part of your special day, Sarah and Carson. <3

(I'm so thankful my assistant gets awesome detail shots like this!)


Weiland Wedding | Seven Springs


The look on sweet bride Dana's face says everything about this wedding. It was beautiful, joyous and so much fun. Oh, and who doesn't love a quick arcade stop before the reception?!